When I realized selling was just helping people, it almost got easy.
— Mark Cuban

The thought of doing sales causes many founders a great deal of stress. From "Where do I start?" to "How do I scale?", the questions can pile up along with the pressure to succeed. You're not alone.  

Asking questions like "Is it me or is it my product?" will allow you to discover ways of experimenting with sales, using each prospect interaction as the building blocks of a repeatable process. If the process can be repeated and tested then, and only then, it is possible to scale sales beyond the founding team.

Founders shouldn't have to go on this journey alone. Having mentors and coaches as well as a community of other founders around you while you "figure it out" can help you keep the pace you need while you experiment.


What Founders Say...

Ryan was hands down among the top mentors during our program at 500 Startups.
— Damiano Ramazzotti, Founder of WeTipp, 500 Startups Batch 21
I highly recommend Ryan not only as a master in sustainable sales process but as a valuable coach/tutor/counsel on every aspect of a startup.
— Kalde Ernart, Founder of Gmply, Innogate Accelerator, Istanbul