Singapore - 2018

The Revenue Roadmap Workshop

April 16-20, 2018


This past spring, SalesCollider was joined by some of the most innovative minds in the Singapore startup scene for our first international Revenue Roadmap workshop and lecture series. Over the course of the event, we met with more than 40 founders from 29 different companies, coaching them on every aspect of the sales process from identifying the target customer to hiring and training the right salespeople. We had five SalesCollider mentors onboard for the event (plus a few guests!), all of whom delivered fantastic presentations on their topic of expertise. Thanks to Singapore Management University for welcoming us and to AWS, Hubspot, 500 Startups and Dropbox for sponsoring the event. 

We're always inspired to see what founders around the world are working on. If you'd like us to partner with your organization for an event or workshop, please reach out to Wherever there are founders struggling to build a repeatable sales process, we'll be there.

Our companies need to work with people who are good positive examples and, then make those examples, part of their sales process.
— Vishal Harnal, Partner 500 Startups

Featured Speakers & Workshops


Jake Reni: Success starts with Sales process

In his job as the Head of Adobe Sales Academy, Jake Reni empowers young salespeople to succeed in the field. He joined us in Singapore to share some tips for mapping out a process that enables your sellers to thrive. 


Singapore Workshop - JRW-52.jpg

Madison Carmody: Building a Sales operating system

When Hubspot started in 2006, the company had no more than 6 competitors. If they were to start today, they'd have around 5,000 competitors. Madison Carmody, Sales Manager for Hubspot Asia, joined us to discuss how a solid sales process can help startups to stand out amidst heavy competition.


Brianna Salinas: Making Your First Customers Your Best Customers

In her former role as the Senior Director of Customer Success and Operations at Lead Genius, Brianna Salinas built a success process that grew relationships with Google, Box and 100 other clients. She joined us in Singapore to illustrate what a strong customer success strategy looks like. 


J. Ryan Williams: Sales Communication

Communnication can be the biggest challenge when launching into a new market. In this workshop, Ryan helped founders create a strategy of communication which paralleled the sales process workshop with Jake Reni.  founders left with a solid understanding of how to be specific about their offering and how to ask great questions to sales prospects to ensure alignment and the best chance of closing a deal.

Singapore Workshop - JRW-23.JPG

Greg Afong: Reverse EngInEering your IDeal Customer Profile

Too many founders target the companies they want to buy their product, not the ones who actually will (or can) buy it. Greg Afong, SaleCollider's Project Manager and Business Analyst, explained how you can use simple data to figure out who your ideal customer really is. 

Annelies Husmann: Hiring Sales Teams

When is the right time to start hiring salespeople? How do you avoid hiring the wrong people? Annelies Husmann, Head of Sales & Account Managment for Mode Analytics, offered some advice on building the best possible sales team.