Let's Meet Up!

SalesCollider's MeetUps are where it all started. Ryan's vision was to bring founders the same high-quality sales training he had developed for 450 reps at AdRoll. The result is an oversubscribed happy-hour style gathering featuring intimate conversations with revenue leaders and VCs.  To get on the list for next time, just email ryan@salescollider.com.


Fireside chat with Joe Floyd from Emergence Capital (2017)

Joe Floyd, Partner at Emergence Capital, has over a decade of experience in the VC field. He stopped by SalesCollider for a fireside chat with Ryan to discuss how he knows when a startup is worth his investment. You can find a video recording and some written highlights from the chat on our blog

Joe also scripted a graphic novel called Silicon Heroes, that’s available on Amazon. It’s a super fun read that’s intended to inspire the next generation of startup founders.

Sam trachtenberg - How buyer's buy (2017)

Sam Trachtenberg is the VP of Operations at AdRoll which means that he’s the guy in charge of making all the software purchases. He was kind enough to stop by SalesCollider to share his experience in buying B2B software and explaining the questions he needs to ask himself before he spends AdRoll’s money. 

There’s a video of Sam’s talk available on our blog


anamitra banerji - Selling the first Twitter Ad (2015)

Whether your a founder, a project manager or anyone else, moving from product to sales can be a rough transition. Anamitra Banerji, then-partner at Foundation Capital, joined us at the first SalesCollider MeetUp to share the story of how he sold Twitter's earliest beta ads while working as a project manager.