How To Pitch To Investors [Video]

Video excerpt from a SalesCollider talk at the Digital Freedom Festival in Riga, Latvia.


While at the Digital Freedom Festival, I hosted an interactive talk on pitching to investors.  I spoke for a bit about developing a good investment pitch and then invited some startup founders on stage to deliver their pitches to the crowd.  It was a ton of fun.

This was really exciting for me, as I find that many people are absolutely terrified of pitching.  Whether they’re sitting across the table from a VC or introducing themselves to an angel investor in an elevator, founders tend to get nervous about asking for capital.  I completely understand this feeling.  It’s uncomfortable asking a friend to spot you on a sandwich at the deli when you left your wallet in the car, let alone asking a stranger to invest a large amount of money into your startup.

I’ve been selling a long time, though, and I’ve found that sales and fundraising aren’t that different.  They both require a solid prospect list, rigorous follow up and, most importantly, a good story for your pitch.  Whether your goal is to sell a single pair of sunglasses or get a million dollar startup investment, you need to be able to communicate the value of your product.  If you can explain what your product is and what problem it solves in a concise manner, you’ll be much more confident pitching to investors. 


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Ryan Williams