Creating A Startup Sales Plan [Video]

Video excerpt from a SalesCollider talk at NXTP Labs in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I was lucky enough to have been invited to NXTP Labs, an incubator in Buenos Aires, to talk with an amazing group of startup founders about developing a sales plan.  Last month, I outlined some of the highlights from that talk here:  A Guide To Creating A Sales Plan For Startup Founders If you don't already know NXTP, you should.  Based in Buenos Aires, NXTP has 174 investments in just over 5 years of operations.  They're brining together founders and mentors to help them achieve full potential of their startups.


One of the main reasons I started SalesCollider was that I kept running into founders who had no idea how to start selling but wanted to learn.  With little understanding of their own sales process, startup founders end up wasting valuable resources on  all of the wrong things. 

J. Ryan Williams #Selfie at NXTP.Labs office

J. Ryan Williams #Selfie at NXTP.Labs office


It's not uncommon for a startup to waste half of their VC money on a team of salespeople that don't have the right skills to sell the product.


It's one of my goals to help startup founders develop a strategic sales plan before they go out and hire a team.  By getting to know their customer, understanding the buying process and developing a sales strategy ahead of time, founders will be more likely to hire the right people.

I hope you enjoyed this video of my talk at NXTP.

Ryan Williams